Written by on July 13, 2017

The Government of Grenada has found itself in hot water with the Microsoft Corporation and will have to pay the company US$800,000 as explained by the Leader of Governmnt Business in the House of Representatives, Gregory Bowen.

“Microsoft has repeatedly said that over many years, we have been pirating — even at the government level,” Bowen told Wednesday’s sitting of the House.

Extensive ICT infrastructure has recently put in place by government, and its servers could be adversely impacted if this matter is not promptly rectified. Because of cash flow restrictions, government will be allowed to make the payoff in installments of US$22,000 per month.

Bowen said that henceforth, all of government’s servers will be carrying legitimate Microsoft software, and that this should serve as a warning to Grenadians to refrain from the use of pirated software programs.

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  1. Kallan   On   July 13, 2017 at 5:02 am

    Very interesting, i once lead a S. body and was slated for spending monies to ensure that we had legitimate software. It indeed had a cost implication but when you are dealing with sensitive information and most importantly an arm of the state you should lead by example.

    Government boasting about cash surplus and good revenue collection so why now use cash flow as a medium not to pay the required sum. Need monies to use as election carrots.

    It is my view some head should roll for such bad practice which exposed the state in such a negative manner.

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