Acting Commissioner of Police Winston James has thanked the Grenadians for their cooperation and expressed his gratitude to masqueraders for the high level of discipline displayed over the festive season, especially on Carnival Monday and Tuesday. Commissioner James also commended the members of the Royal Grenada Police Force for their dedication to duty and the […]

RGPF CONCERNS WITH SPEEDING/RADAR SPEED CHECKS St. George — The Royal Grenada Police Force is notifying the motoring public that regular radar speed checks will be once again be conducted at various points throughout the island.  This has become necessary as a result of numerous complaints received from citizens, and also, as a growing concern […]

COP ORDERS INVESTIGATION INTO ALLEGATION OF SEXUAL MISCONDUCT BY SENIOR MEMBERS OF THE RGPF St. George — An investigation has been launched into allegations of sexual impropriety by some senior members of the RGPF.

POLICE INVESTIGATE WEEKEND DEATH OF ST. ANDREW  RESIDENT St. George — Police are currently investigating the death of a St. Andrew man who was allegedly electrocuted on Sunday 4th August 2013 during the Rainbow City weekend.

POLICE CARRY OUT SUCCESSFUL DRUG OPERATION St. George — As police intensify their operations for the Carnival Season, a joint operation conducted in the Central Policing District of St. George on Friday resulted in the arrest of three men on drug charges and the detention of a 26 years old Vincentian national.

REPUGNANT, MISCHIEVOUS AND OFFENSIVE The Royal Grenada Police Force continues to be affected by politics and this is creating an uneasiness and undue tension with the ranks. The latest fiasco involving the decision to send two of the most senior officers on immediate leave is adding to the already tense atmosphere within the RGPF.

NOISE CONTROL ACT OF 2006 St. George — The Royal Grenada Police Force reminds operators of places with amplified instruments that the Noise Control Act of 2006 outlines procedures, expectations and conditions to be followed when applying for and operating loudspeakers or amplified musical instruments.

ST. DAVID POLICE MAKE MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH Grenada — Two St. George residents who appeared before the St. David Magistrate’s Court on Friday 26th April 2013 on multiple charges of break-ins have been remanded to her Majesty’s Prison at Richmond Hill.

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