Paul Scoon

PERSONAL TRIBUTE TO THE LATE SIR PAUL SCOON OF GRENADA Most Grenadians, the Caribbean and world communities would probably remember the late Sir Paul Scoon (July 4, 1935-September 2, 2013)as the head of state during Grenada’s most trying time – 1979-1983 – in its modern history.

FORMER GOVERNOR GENERAL Term of Appointment: (1978-1992) Sir Paul Scoon served as Grenada’s Governor General during a difficult period of tremendous turmoil in the country. Sworn in on October 4, 1978 as the island’s second Governor General, he found himself, within six months, faced with the reality of the New Jewel Movement (NJM) revolution.

A SURVIVOR WHO SERVED Although inevitable, death still has a way of numbing, of depressing, of humbling, of being the great equalizer. Over the past several months Sir Paul Scoon was not enjoying the best of health; and, although one was prepared for the inescapable, the passing of such a stalwart is still dismal and […]

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