BOUGHT TWICE AND THE RIGHT TO MY ‘EGO’ Two Saturdays ago a very respectable lady, a Queen’s honouree, encouraged me to keep on writing the truth. Eighty years of experience led her to say that some will want to ‘kill’ me for expressing my opinions publicly. Nevertheless, I should fear not, she said. I do […]

Old methods and New Narratives Does this topic disclose an implied contradiction or does it reflect an incomplete state of planning? Yet again, it may well be evidence of transitioning. Uncertainty is one of those conditions surrounding the human mind that can easily lead to wrong assumptions and bad decision-making. However, it can also be […]

HE SAY AND SHE SAY Ladies first! I am expecting to be proud of this candidate and all female candidates for the up-coming General Elections, but I hope that pity will not sting my heart. During her recent interview on SWGG, Ms. Joseph, of the NDC, fell into unsafe waters.  One hopes she will navigate […]

GRENADA’S ‘WHITE FOREST’ Things occurring in unprecedented or unexpected ways (coming out of nowhere), at a scale or significance that cause major shifts from the norm, are sometimes considered to be ‘phenomena’. The current challenges by Whiteman and Forrester may well constitute a phenomenon in Grenadian politics. While such challenges sit comfortably at the table […]

Two high-profile remnants of the Revolution are enjoying themselves; one talks at will and the other walks at will! Those who watch and listen are not amused. The things that were wrong during the ‘Revo’ were made so by men holding high positions. Today, these remnants of the ‘Revo’ (and others) continue to oil the […]

JUDY BENOIT SACKED AS SUPERVISOR OF ELECTIONS St. George — Supervisor of Elections, Judy Benoit has been removed from her post less than eight months after being praised by the Organisation of American States (OAS) for the manner in which she presided over the island’s general elections.

UNLOCKING THE NDC – A DOSE OF HEALTHY SELF-CRITICISM The story is told in Genesis of the birth of two boys, twins, Perez and Xerah, sons of Judah. Strangely, and in defiance of the normal flow of child-birth where the head emerges first, the hand of one of them (Xerah) protruded and was tied with […]

THE FIRST LETTER OF ‘HOPE’ TO THE NDC-ITES Death puts an end to the physical body. The flesh with all its vanities and sinfulness is no more, but the Spirit is alive and active, it still has work to do.  Nothing can be done with a body that is dead. It cannot be healed. It […]

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