The European Union has disbursed 1.368 million euros (EC$4.4M) to Grenada, the first tranche of grant assistance under the 11th European Development Fund towards reform of the country’s health care system. The overall grant amount allocated by the EU under the 11th EDF is 4.8 million euros (EC$15.4M), with 3.4 million euros (EC$11M) earmarked for […]

THE WAR ON MOSQUITOES IS FAR FROM OVER Port of Spain — “Even though the number of cases of Zika have significantly declined from the outbreak of 2016, there is still need for continued vigilance and action on mosquito borne diseases, which pose a health security threat, a tourism threat, and an economic threat,” stated Dr C. James Hospedales, […]

ALL SET FOR HEALTH TELETHON ST. GEORGE – It’s a Go! The room is all prepared, telephones setup and operators on standby and ready to manage the calls that are expected to flood the command centre in this evening’s “Health Telethon.”

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