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Beijing -- The University of Science and Technology in Beijing held its annual Cultural Expo yesterday. Over 20 countries participated in this event which showcased food, music, fashion and cultures from around the world.


The Caribbean community present all gathered at the Grenadian booth which was one of the most popular stalls at the event.  The Grenadian stall was adorned with the country's national flag, a detailed historic information section, food samples (bake and salt fish, spices, cocoa tea and sorrel) and as well as a special dance performance.


The contributions from the Embassy of Grenada towards this event made a tremendous impact on the successful showcase of the tri-island state.  In addition, the Grenadian student body in Beijing collaborated in making the world experience what Grenada had to offer.


Grenada and the Caribbean region joined together in unity "As one people, as one family."


Students involved in this event included Jason Gay, Krystel  Peters, Leonard Vincent, Amanda Buckmire (Dancer) Malaika Church, Kane Clarke, Yvonne Richards-Scoon, Carlston Jobe (wasn't present),Emeka Brown (Jamaica), Kien Drake(Guyana).


Amanda Buckmire
Amanda's dance performance
Chinese nationals visit Grenada's booth
President of University of Science and Technology
Students from Grenada
Grenadian students at the booth
Students discuss displayed items
Face painting
Amanda with friends
Table items on display
Some more visitors to the booth

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