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In December of 2015, I decided that 2016 will be the 'Year of the Progressive'.  I chose that direction after careful consideration and re-examination of our time on this earth.


In 2017, I plan to build on the gains of 2016 and to continue with unselfish dedication to sportsmen and sportswomen and a leading advocate on their behalf.
But in that mix will be some of the coaches who also put the well being of these young talents in the various sporting disciplines ahead of family and money. In many cases they go unpaid and do not seek compensation.

Following on the successful launch of the Grenada Invitational last Thursday and the inspiring and encouraging remarks by the speakers, the pursuit of new approaches in sports governance in Grenada is ideally the best option.

Corporate Grenada has welcomed this fresh perspective of dedicated and committed Grenadians involved in the Grenada Invitational.

And this is no way an attempt to discredit the effort and good works that have gone in by past and current administrators. But I find myself uniquely placed, having led the initiative and when I look back at this, the new thinking and mindset and bold approach that evolved, in collaboration with my partners, I want to encourage the other disciplines to pursue new approaches in their governance.
I am confident, based on past experiences, that we won't get the corporate sponsors if we don't take a critical look at how we administer sports in Grenada.

Therefore, in addition to the Grenada Invitational initiative, a local sports administrators symposium and the convergence of second and third generation Grenadians in various sporting disciplines and backgrounds in the Diaspora to discuss the development of sports in Grenada are among goals for 2017. Both initiatives are supported by the Government of Grenada and other stakeholders.

Because I reside in the Diaspora, and because I understand the power of the Diaspora and sports being a unifying factor among our people, especially in the Diaspora, I could give a blanket guarantee that initiatives like these will be supported by the people in the Diaspora.

Building on the gains of 2016, and from athletics to volleyball, let 2017 be the Year for Grenada!

Happy New Year to you and your Family!

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