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St. George -- Peter Andall owner of Andall & Associates has leased for 25 years 17 acres of land; 7 acres in Spring Garden & 10 acres Nainganfoix, in the parish of St Andrews; to local NGO People in Action, for the development of an experiential, lifelong learning, research institute that will explore sustainable farming and community living.

Mr.  Andall is an active farmer himself and his interest in farming led him to the 3rd permaculture design certification course in January 3rd 2016, where he was able to explore and better appreciate the possibilities of ecosystem design to farming that harnessed goods and services from nature itself. The training was part of the Climate Smart Agriculture in Mt Moritz a component of the national ICCAS project funded by GIZ.



The project's primary development is a model farm that engages climate smart agriculture techniques based on an ecosystem design methodology known as permaculture. It has developed ICT precision agricultural platforms for documenting and managing the development of the model farm and the community's farms.

The model farm institute was earmarked for 17 acres in "The Gully" of Mt Moritz on lands made available to the project by John Angus Martin and the Martin family. The access to the lands proved difficult and expensive given the terrain. The lands now leased to the project by Mr Andall, not only have access roads already established but on the Spring Garden property there is the bonus of a manager's cottage, a farm house where the class, workshop and lab will be located. Spring Garden property also has built pens with pigs, chickens, goats, sheep and cows.

The project also engaged the farming communities, and looked at the development of not just their farms but the value chain of their agro-processing, community development/management and community business. It also ventured to sensitize the community to the possibilities of developing closed loop, low carbon businesses and develop a business plan for the model farm that is integrated into community assets and businesses interest.

The concept of closed loop business is already implemented on the Spring Garden property as the pigs are fed with the waste from Mr. Andall's restaurants, supermarkets, farms and bakeries. The pig's waste will now feed the biogas digester which will produce organic fertilizer for the farms.

As a farmer, Mr. Andall is aware of the impacts of climate change on farming as well as the escalating cost to farming additives and the difficulties of labor. As the agents of Caribbean Dreams, he is also aware of the potential of herbal nutraceutical and pharmaceutical possibilities that abound in Grenada's biodiversity.  As a self-made businessman, he is very aware of the challenges facing small businesspersons.

The directors, partners and stakeholders of People in Action take the opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to Mr Peter Andall for helping to make the development of the model farm research institute a reality. We look forward to launching the Grenada Ecological Resilience Research Institute (GERRI) in the very near future.

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