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The NDC doesn’t just talk the putting people first talk – we walk the walk. Instead of bringing in expensive foreign artistes for our final rally, our Grand People’s Rally will feature very special Grenadian talent and entertainment. “Instead of sending our money overseas by hiring expensive international artistes, we are focusing on investing in […]

LINEUP FOR PROGRAM TO BE AIRED ON SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 2018 09:00 AM AND 06:00 AM CHIME FM THE BUZZ Holy Scriptures, Feedback, Poll Results EDITORIALS GRENADA ADVOCATE Salvaging a public good with a fig leaf CARIBUPDATE WEEKLY, EDITORIAL ‘The Thing’ – it’s just days away! NEW TODAY Tuesday draweth nigh!!! GRENADIAN VOICE Perspectives on […]

CHIME FM is back on the air and looking forward to resuming its routine broadcast of Sundays with George Grant this weekend. The station returned to the airwaves on Friday morning at 10:00am with the kind assistance of an engineer recruited from overseas to diagnose the cause of the outage. It was determined that the […] has retracted their news release dated Thursday, March 1, 2018 because of incorrect information. The article purported that a bond issue by the Government of Grenada on February 8th 2018, was at EC$100 million with a maturity date for February 9, 2020, at 5.5 percent. The Debt Management Unit of the Ministry of Finance […]

‘Towards a Common Future’ We all have reason to give thanks for the numerous ways in which our lives are enriched when we learn from others. Through exchanging ideas, and seeing life from other perspectives, we grow in understanding and work more collaboratively towards a common future. There is a very special value in the […]

THE WEEK IN CORRUPTION, 9 MARCH 2018 Hi Grouping, How much do you think your passport is worth? If your answer is “it’s priceless”, consider this: over 20 countries or territories worldwide are currently selling residence and citizenship rights under so-called Golden Visa programmes. Thirteen of them are in Europe and price tags vary from […]

Dear Colleagues, See attachments for your information. Permit me to draw to your attention the following Bill Board which has been recently erected in the Riviera Lot adjoining Camerhogne Park – Silver Sands Phase 2. There are reports that surveying of the road area has been taking place over the last few weeks.  There are […]

RUSSIAN PRESIDENT HAS IMPOSED 50 NEW LAWS TO ‘STRANGLE DEMOCRACY AND DESTROY DISSENT’ IN FIVE YEARS, NGO WARNS AS HE IS SET TO BE REELECTED The scale of Vladimir Putin‘s ‘authoritarian’ rule is today laid bare by research which shows he has imposed 50 laws to ‘strangle democracy and crush dissent’ in Russia. Human Rights campaigners have […]

“THE ALIENATED ALIENS” This is the Fifth Commentary on a subject that I started back in 2016 with “The Real Estate Market in Grenada Stinks” (all available at under the pseudonyms “Don Quixote” and “The Grand Poobah”). I now feel compelled to resume as there have not been any noticeable actions to address this […]

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has been meeting with members of two visiting Observer missions which arrived in the country this week ahead of Tuesday’s General Elections. The two missions, representing CARICOM and the Organisation of American States (OAS), have been meeting with various groups including the ruling New National Party, the main opposition National […]

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