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St. Mark -- On Monday, a sustainable aquaculture initiative was launched in the parish of St. Mark.

The Zero-Water Exchange Sustainable Organic Shrimp Farm will specialize in the production of shrimp in a socially and environmentally friendly manner which is free from chemical additives and enzymes.

The farm will be operated out of Bocage, St. Mark and will be spearheaded by Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture.

High-tech, high-quality shrimp production will occur under the enclosed Recirculating Aquaculture System which will eliminate problems caused by elements such as the weather and various forms of diseases.

GSA says the project will be a model for the Caribbean and the rest of the world, and - due to the technology used, and quality of water in St. Mark- will produce a sweeter shrimp that will be in high demand in countries such as United States and Canada. The company plans to build and operate one complete barn that it expects to have up and running by year end. Construction of additional barns is planned for 2018.

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