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St. George -- Grenada's agriculture sector is set to receive another boost when the Marketing & National Importing Board (MNIB) with support from the Ministry of Agriculture releases over 3000 bags of fertilizer for sale to farmers within the coming weeks. This initiative emanated from the Government of Grenada and its close ally in the Government of Morocco.


The strong Diplomatic relations between both countries have resulted in Educational Scholarships for Grenadian students and support to Agriculture to benefit farmers and technical assistance to build the capacity of technical officers in the areas of soil fertility mapping.

Four different compositions of fertilizers were received with over 2000 bags being 15:15:15 -- a mixture specifically useful for Banana and Vegetable farmers. Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Mrs. Merina Jessamy says that the Government of Grenada has being offering the subsidized fertilizers from Morocco to farmers for over 3 years now and has noticed the tangible increase in production which resulted from its use. She added that it is critical however, that farmers continue to engage in good agronomical practices to ensure that they can achieve the maximum return from their fields."

The decision to have the fertilizer sold by the Marketing and National Importing Board on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture should encourage greater efficiency in the service delivery to farmers and will save the Government a substantial sum of money which will be diverted to other critical services. All fertilizers will be sold initially for cash at a price of EC$75.00 per bag, the same price used by the Ministry of Agriculture for the former batches. The TSP will be sold for EC$50.00 per bag.

The MNIB sees this initiative as one which will simultaneously augment food security due to increases in production and provide local farmers with increased economic opportunity. According to the CEO of MNIB, Mr. Ruel Edwards, "This boost is directly aligned with MNIB's 2020 vision to increase supply of the widest variety of agriculture produce and increased export opportunities". Mr. Edwards added that MNIB is constantly looking for ways to work with the Ministry of Agriculture to increase productivity in line with market requirements."

In addition to the Fertilizers, the MNIB has also received support from the Ministry of Agriculture to expand the use of Drip irrigation and other new technologies that can drive agricultural productivity.

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