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Address: Young Street St. George's

Date: Wednesday 25th January 2017

Venue: National Museum, St. George's

Members Present:

Samuel "Tim" Byam (President \ Chairman )

Norris Mitchell ( Immediate Past President )

Cecil Edwards ( Out Going Treasurer )

Brian JM Joseph ( Secretary )

Alma Forsyth ( Incumbent Treasurer )

Mandoo Seales

Ariel John

Gloria Payne Banfield

Dolton Charles

Kwabena Amen

Overseas Members:

David Zimmerman, Winston Strachan, Horace Horton and Cindy Barber.


Allan Thomas, Lonette Thomas, Jean-Pierre Vidal and James Finlay (Vice President).

Get well wishes go out to Jean-Pierre Vidal from the Board of Directors and members of (tWRF) wishing him a speedy recovery, and look forward to seeing him at our next meeting.

(1). Opening Prayer

The meeting was called to order at 5:11 pm. Prayer by President Samuel Byam.

(2). Welcoming Remarks

New Year's greetings were conveyed to all in attendance at the first (tWRF) meeting for January 2017.

A hearty welcome and special mention was given to Jackie Ann Lawton, a visiting senior lecturer from the Caribbean School of Architecture at the University of Technology at Mona Jamaica, along with her final year architectural students, who are presently doing extensive research on the City of St. George, as part of their BAAS degree. Chantal Rhone attended the meeting representing the students. It should be noted that there were no student from Grenada among the visitors.

tWRF was also graced with the presence of prospective youth members - Karilyn Kirton, Nefta Francis, Kitania Blackman, Marcelly Noreiga from TAMCC and Cecilia Charles and Irvin Mc Queen as new members.

(3). Minutes of last meeting held on Wednesday 30th November 2016.

The minutes were taken as read on a motion moved by Cecil and seconded by Norris.

(4). Correction of minutes held on Wednesday 30th November'

Page (1) Under Welcoming Remarks the word "one" had to be omitted from the sentence since the wording "everyone" was already incorporated into the sentence.

Page (2) Under Minutes of last meeting held, the year 2019 had to be changed from 2019.

Page (3) Under the heading Honour Scrolls the corrected name Gordon de la Mothe was substituted for Gordon dela Mothe

(5). Confirmation of the minutes

The corrected minutes were confirmed on a motion moved by Alma and seconded by Mandoo.

(6). Matters arising from the minutes

Library and York House Projects

• Norris informed the meeting that the Minister of Works Hon Gregory Bowen mentioned in his - 2017 budget presentation in parliament that the Library project will be funded jointly by the Government of Grenada and the Constantinian Order.

• It was agreed that tWRF should address a letter to the Minister of Works welcoming the pronouncement, and offering tWRF support in its implementation.

• It was also agreed that President Samuel Byam, would write another letter to the Minister of Works regarding the pronouncement by the Prime Minister in his 2017 budget presentation that public buildings damaged by Hurricane Ivan in 2004 would be repaired and to request that York House be given priority. In this regard Nefta of TAMCC suggested that tWRF should explore the possibility of utilizing paid prison labour to clean the debris at York House, and that this should be mentioned in the letter to the Minister of Works as an initial attempt to restore the historic former parliament building.

(7). Reports

A. Permanent Home for tWRF

• Norris reported that Court Lilly of the Valley, formerly the Foresters Lodge building on Granby Street St. George's will hopefully become the new home of tWRF. In this regard a meeting was held on 25/1/17 with Mr. Cyril Phillip, one of 7 surviving members of the lodge. The tWRF representatives (Byam, Norris, Gloria & Mandoo) put forward the proposal in a letter for a DEED OF GIFT. The letter was read to the members for information and permission to pursue the process, which met with unanimous agreement.

• Norris further informed the meeting that he will prepare a report and valuation to be presented at the next meeting for members' information and approval, before submitting same to Mr. Phillip.

(8). Formation of a subcommittee for heritage sites

• A suggestion was made by President Samuel Byam for the formation of a heritage subcommittee, which was deferred to when a full house would be in attendance.

(9). Any other business

• President said he received a telephone call from Deacon Godrick Pierre informing him that St. Andrew the apostle church in the town of Grenville is commemorating its 100th Anniversary, and that he would like it to be designated as a heritage building. It was agreed that an inspection of the church would be necessary before making a determination and that a visit would be arranged in the near future.

• It was agreed by all present at the meeting that the outgoing Treasurer Cecil Edwards would be replaced by Alma Forsyth and that a smooth transition process of handing over the records and accounts etc is being completed.

• It was also decided that the tWRF account at RBTT be transferred to the Grenada Cooperative Bank.

• The patrimonial disk for the Nov. 2016 ceremony was handed over to president Samuel Byam by Norris together with the discs of previous years which were borrowed from inclusion in tWRF website

(10). Adjournment

• The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 pm on a motion moved by Gloria and seconded by Cecil.

• Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 22nd February 2017. At the same time and venue.

Members are reminded that annual dues for 2017 including arrears are now due and payable.

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