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The Grenada Community Library & Resource Centre Inc. (formerly Mt Zion Library) is a registered non-profit organization with more information at

SERVING THE PUBLIC – 2000+ members and still growing

●     Literacy develops the capacity of a community, a nation and its citizens.

●     Functional literacy – fluent reading and comprehension – increases performance and the application of knowledge.

Our library's membership is made up of individuals who CHOOSE to read for pleasure and/or develop their literacy skills on their own accord. This is unlike school or academic libraries, where the incentive to seek access to literature is driven by study.

Begun by a group of socially responsible citizens - grown by public demand and individual, non-profit, private and corporate sponsorship:

●     2010 - The National Library closes – no public access to literature for children, students or adults in St George's.

●     2013 – Mt. Zion Children's Library opens part-time: 80 members join, homework help and story-time begins.

●     2014 - Mt Zion General Library opens full-time: 250 members in total.

●     2015 – Membership growth increases: 1,000+ members, and Adult Literacy, Creative Writing, Chess and other programs fill.

●     2016 – Growth continues at about 100 new members per month: 1,700+ members (70% teens and children, 80% female). The library is housed temporarily at the Grenada National Museum.

●     2017 – 2000+ members and the library move to new home.

This proves the demand and need for a free public library and literacy services.

And that, contrary to assumptions, teens and children still choose to read; but technology is not readily accessible or the only choice for improving literacy.

With the generous donation of a two-story building at 7 Lucas St from our Patron Mr James Bristol, this library now has a rent-free and gracious home and continues to serve even more as the only community central space and public library in St George's. Services are provided by two employed youth librarians and a team of volunteers (majority local) ages 16-62.

The operational costs of this service – open daily to the public free of charge – is roughly EC $6,000 per month — which is EC$36 per person per year (2000 members) or $72,000 per year which is less than the cost of a tertiary scholarship for one individual.  Your support is critical to sustain this service, expand programing and keep up with the continued growing demand for free access to books. Please see our website for ways to help and we are happy to answer any questions. Thank you for reading!

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