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St. George -- The fallout from the decision by Columbus Communications to discontinue the Community Channel 6 at the end of June has begun to ripple through Grenada's media landscape.  And, already, there are signs that this action could reveal a tad more than just the absence of "the local channel" on cable.


A letter penned by Hugh Dolland, former managing director and shareholder of Grenada Cablevision to Flow's Country Manager, James Pitt, reminded the company that  CC6 was born out of shared recognition of the then Government of Grenada that it was important that "the very rich history and cultural heritage, along with the aspirations and often latent talents of our people should not be overshadowed by the multiplicity of foreign programming, resulting in the cultural penetration of the Grenadian people."

Pitt, however, says that Flow1 has sought ways to make the station profitable, but could not find a solution that would be viable in a realistic timeframe and within the level of investment available.  As such, they could no longer sustain parts of a business which was wholly subsidized.

Dolland claims that the current owners of Flow are evidently willing to pay the many overseas programmers substantial sums of money every month for the airing of their foreign programmes, but do not feel a moral sense of obligation and responsibility to pay for the operations of their one and only local channel.

CHIME FM learned on Monday of an apparent breach of the Columbus Communications license.  Clause 2.8 of the licence clearly states that the licensee is obligated to provide a minimum of twenty eight hours of local programming per week, and that such programming is to be distributed between the hours of 6.00 p.m. and 10.00 p.m. on the priority channel.

Any changes to the terms and conditions of the license would have to be agreed upon by the regulatory authority, such as the NTRC.  However, as of Monday afternoon Flow had not approached the NTRC for approval of the pending discontinuation of CC6 -- a matter which raises concerns about the posturing of a private company towards a regulatory body in Grenada.



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