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Below is an except from a VISITOR whose return flight to UK was delayed last week and therefore was accommodated by the airline at the Radisson Hotel in Grenada for 24 hours:

“I’m not sure that, I would be the right person to give a recommendation on The Radisson. You see, my experience was one of a person who was being given a lodging! (This is how I was made to feel!)

I was given a ground floor room, which on my first entry, felt dirty, in the bathroom area. Later, I had to ask to be moved out, due to the presence of cockroaches and, the strong smell of insecticide used, after I screamed for someone to kill them! I was moved to another room, but the ugly scoff marks on the floor and, the lack of Wifi connection, made me realize that, they couldn’t possibly use this room, to advertise their hotel!

Going for meals was not a good experience, as the amount I was allowed to spend on each meal, was made clear to me, as I entered the room! For lunch, I ordered a glass of Pinot Grigio and a wrap, which came up to sixty something dollars, out of the ninety-two I was allowed. I almost left without it, as the wait was so long and, waited even longer for the dressing,for the salad, which came with the wrap. The wine was obviously old (stale) and was responsible for the most uncomfortable tummy I’ve had, in a very long time!

I actually met the General Manager, who introduced himself to me and asked about my stay. He seemed quite taken aback when I mentioned the cockroaches and, made a hasty, but very weak attempt, to explain about the rains and heat, as causes of the insects presence!!

To be honest, I didn’t think he was on top of things and, looking at his staff, I think they must be paid very little and, trained very poorly! Most of them seemed young and, might just be waiting for another opportunity! I gave no tips!!”

As a Grenadian, I feel compelled to inform you, the GHTA & the GTA of the above so that the necessary action could be taken in order to create positive remarks from visitors to – my homeland – Grenada.

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