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The Windward Islands Schools’ Games 2017 was held in St. Vincent and the Grenadines from July 22 – 29 and Grenada retained the title for a sixth consecutive year.

The 71-member team won the following competitions in the Games:

[] athletics

[] football

[] men’s basketball

[] women’s basketball

[] men’s volleyball

Grenada finished second in Netball and third in women’s volleyball.  Please see individual awards, below.

Some of the athletes expressed in their profiles that they would like to become Professional Athletes in the future.  The Ministry of Sports will host an Appreciation Ceremony for the team this Thursday, August 03, starting at 10:00 a.m. at the National Cricket Stadium’s Media Room Player’s Level 1.

Presentations will be made by the Minister of Sports Hon. Roland Bhola; Mr. Geoffrey Gilbert, General Manager of National Lotteries Authority; Mr. Simon Wall, Director of Business Development, Canadian Bank Note (CBN); and officials from the Ministry of Education.

RESULTS ::::::


1st – Grenada

2nd – Saint Lucia

3rd – Dominica

4th – St. Vincent and the Grenadines



1st – Grenada (GRN)

2nd – Saint Lucia (LCA)

3rd – St. Vincent and The Grenadines (SVG)

4th – Dominica (DOM)


Victrix Ludorum – Rochelle Ettienne (LCA)

​Victor Ludorum – Claudson Samuel (GRN)


​MVP of Dominica –  Khimo Benjamin

MVP of Saint Lucia – Alanna Paul

MVP of Grenada – Claudson Samuel

MVP of St. Vincent – Rochelle Ettienne


Winning Coach of Athletics – Grenada (Albert Joseph)



1st – GRN

2nd – DOM

3rd – LCA

4th – SVG

MVP of DOM – Ayme George

MVP of LCA – Siana Jameson

MVP of GRN – Chantele Bartholomew

MVP of SVG – Sherese Cyrus

Winning Coach of Women’s Basketball  – Grenada (Javon Emery)


​1st – GRN

2nd – SVG

3rd – DOM

4th – ​LCA

​MVP of DOM – Jayvie Bellott

MVP of LCA – Kieon Embarack

MVP of GRN – Owen Rennie

MVP of SVG – Nicholas Lewis

Winning men’s basketball coach – Grenada (Imran Fereira)


1st – DOM

2nd – LCA

3rd – GRN

4th – SVG

​MVP of DOM – Adicia Burton

MVP of LCA – Matilda Angelo

MVP of GRN – Carsie Paul

MVP of SVG – Joelisa Ollivierre

Winning Women’s Volleyball Coach – Dominica


1st – GRN

2nd – SVG

3rd – DOM

4th – LCA

​MVP of DOM – Jervan Guste

MVP of LCA – Kernel Remy

MVP of GRN – Javin Noel

MVP of SVG – Marcus Thomas

Winning men’s Volleyball Coach – Grenada (Raphael Brathwaite)


1st – GRN

2nd – SVG

3rd – LCA

4th – DOM

​MVP of DOM – Marcellus Bonney

MVP of LCA – Kimlan Mason

MVP of GRN – Earldon Millette

MVP of SVG – Derron Rose

Winning men’s football Coach – Grenada (Anthony Modeste)


1st – LCA

2nd – GRN

3rd – DOM

4th – SVG

​MVP of DOM – Kyla Winston

MVP of LCA – Janell Mathurin

MVP of GRN – Carlene Alexander

MVP of SVG – Azuba Delpesche

Winning netball Coach – St. Lucia

The overall points scored at WIS Games are:

1st – Grenada —- 41 pts

2nd – Saint Lucia — 25 pts

3rd – Dominica —- 23 pts

4th – St. Vincent — 21 pts

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