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Ladies first! I am expecting to be proud of this candidate and all female candidates for the up-coming General Elections, but I hope that pity will not sting my heart. During her recent interview on SWGG, Ms. Joseph, of the NDC, fell into unsafe waters.  One hopes she will navigate better going forward.

All candidates are effectively constituency leaders on offer. The biblical standard of leadership is called “a spirit of excellence”. It has nothing to do with one’s qualifications or profession, but everything to do with one’s attitude to people, resources and duty. Then there is a pre-condition identified as ‘preparation’ which is not to be presumed to have been acquired by mere reading or listening.

Ms. Joseph, unfortunately, conflated ‘Plan 2030’ and her party’s ‘Policy Agenda’. Remember that a ‘policy’ is a statement of intention or indication of willingness to commit resources or to pursue a particular course of action. Policies are normally pitched against important national issues, but they are not solutions. Plans, on the other hand, set out practical measures to provide solutions and the resources to make it happen. So, in the case of the NDC, they will have to present concrete plans and programs to the public in their manifesto and elsewhere, shortly. A ‘Policy Agenda’ won’t cut it!

Secondly, as a matter of basic political savvy, is it not better to stand on ‘partnerships’ than on ‘party,’ when it comes to genuine national issues? Plan 2030 is being developed by a number of Social Partners and the Government. The NNP and the NDC are members of the Steering Committee for Plan 2030. So to seek to upstage the Plan by producing a ‘Policy Agenda’ is little worth celebrating. In fact, that Policy Agenda is seriously flawed in many important respects, on top of which the mindset seems to be saying NDC first, Grenada after! Isolating itself, as the NDC has done here, is a losing posture! Not so?

Lastly, the thinking behind the statement made by Ms. Joseph reminds one of the extent to which the more things are said to have changed, the more they remain the same. The NDC purported to rebrand itself by bleaching the face of its founding fathers on the ground that “colour spoil us”! But to position party before country is to raise the colour mantra!  The mentality is really what matters, not the colour.  The mischief is in the mind!  No one is listening to the Black Wizard!

Now, to Lord Chester of the Greenery! Recall I told you that Keith was NOT his leader? Remember I told you that in 2010 he disclosed that the NDC was in a ‘Coalition’ with what he called “the progressive forces,” since 2000. Breaking News! Remember I told you that having counted themselves in with the NNP that party must now be in a ‘Coalition,’ as was the NDC? Incontrovertible and dangerous!  The rottenness of coalition politics as we have experienced it is instability. Instability brings pain, disappointment and collapse! When the “progressive forces” acted in October 1983, lives perished and things fell apart. When they acted in 2010-12, the NDC collapsed. When they act again, the NNP will know the hour! No party has been immune from their political poison. In every case, it is the people who suffer!

Humphrey went to Venezuela, not as President of the Senate, but in his “private” capacity. Do you think any bona- fide member of the NNP serving at that high State level could have gone to Venezuela in a “private” capacity? Hell NO! But he went there as a representative of the “progressive forces” in Grenada (the NNP’s coalition partner). Alarmingly, this happened after the Prime Minister had called for brokered settlement of the civil war there. The PM did not call for elections of the type that Maduro masterminded a few days ago. Yet Chester endorses the results of those fake elections in the media and grooms his wig to preside as President of the Grenada Senate soon. Someone must be lodging in ‘the house’ and playing for time!

The truth is that Chester will clutch at any ‘communist straw’ he can find. That’s why he supported the RMC! That’s why, even though the NJM/PRG stayed far from Chinese communism, Chester would tell the NDC to choose the PRC over Taiwan because it was the only major country ruled by “the workers”! Workers? Which workers in China? That’s why he went to Venezuela in support of ‘Maduro’s communism’ and was reportedly identified by his Official title.

Lessons are there for all and sundry to reflect and understand. Their biggest value is to keep us safe. When you are young in the politics don’t tell yourself you are a teacher. Be a learner! When they tell you it’s a Coalition, don’t wait till they “huff and puff and blow your house in”! Be a solid waste manager!

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