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St. George -- Over the years, Grenadians have been frought with complaints about telecom service providers and experienced levels of frustration and disgust beyond belief.

Some were unaware that they do have redress, while others knew that they did --- but didn't understand the procedure.

The following excerpt from Part II of the Telecommunications Act, DISPUTE RESOLUTION outlines the procedure for seeking redress from a telecommunications provider:

3. Application of Regulations. —
(1) These Regulations apply to all disputes concerning the operation of telecommunications facilities and provision of telecommunication services arising in Grenada including, but not limited to, complaints initiated by–
(a) subscribers or other members of the public against a telecommunications provider;
(b) a licensee against another licensee;
(c) persons using frequency authorisation.

(2) Where appropriate references in these Regulations to the Commission include references to the staff of the Commission.
(3) Where a dispute arises between two telecommunications providers on matters related to a duly executed interconnection agreement or a reference interconnection offer, the parties to the dispute shall, prior to seeking redress under these Regulations, first exhaust such dispute resolution process as may be incorporated in the said interconnection agreement or reference interconnection offer.
(4) Subject to sub-regulation (3), where there is conflict between these Regulations and any other Regulations in relation to an issue provided for pursuant to these Regulations, these Regulations shall prevail.

4. Procedure for seeking redress.—
(1) Subject to the provisions of regulation 3 (3), where a dispute arises between a retail customer and a telecommunications provider, or between two or more telecommunications providers, the aggrieved party, shall first seek redress from the respondent telecommunications provider, by, subject to sub-regulations (2) and (3), filing a statement of complaint with the respondent
telecommunications provider.

(2) A statement of complaint pursuant to sub-regulation (1) shall be in the form prescribed in Form 1 of the Third Schedule and shall contain as much of the following
information as possible–

(a) the name, address, telephone number, e-mail and key contact information of the complainant;
(b) where available, the name, address, telephone number, e-mail and key contact information of the respondent telecommunications provider;
(c) a list of the disputes numbered in order so as to enable the respondent telecommunications provider to address each dispute separately;
(d) a brief description of the basic facts surrounding each dispute;
e) as far as practicable, such supporting information for each dispute; and a statement of the desired resolution requested for each dispute.
(3) For the purpose of sub-regulation (1), a telecommunications provider shall make available to its retail customers the form prescribed as Form 1 in the Third

5. Tracking by respondent telecommunications provider.—
(1) A telecommunications provider shall keep and maintain a Telecommunications Provider Complaint Record Register for the purpose of registering statements of complaint filed pursuant to Regulation 4.
(2) A telecommunications provider shall keep and maintain a Telecommunications Provider Complaint Record Tracking System for the purpose of tracking the status of resolution of disputes between itself and its retail customers, and between itself and other telecommunications providers.
(4) A telecommunication provider shall take all reasonable steps to amicably resolve a complaint filed pursuant to sub-regulation (1) within thirty (30) days of the date of filing of the statement of complaint

6. Application for assistance of Commission.—
(1) Where after thirty (30) days of the date of filing of a statement of complaint pursuant to regulation 4, the parties have made reasonable efforts in good faith and are unable to amicably resolve the dispute for which the statement of complaint was filed, either party may, subject to sub-regulation
(2) File an application with the Commission for assistance with the resolution of the matter.

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