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St. George -- Independent Consumer Organisations in the OECS are concerned about the latest reports from Brazilian authorities that several major meat processors in that country have been "selling rotten beef and poultry."


Brazil is one of the countries, which exports these products to CARICOM countries.

According to the Jamaica Observer newspaper, in its Monday March 20th edition, The Jamaican government through The Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries Ministry has imposed an immediate ban on the importation of corned beef from Brazil".

A similar action was taken by Trinidad and Tobago and a recall issued for all products that are on the shelves in supermarkets and elsewhere.

Consumer Organisations are calling on all regional governments and all their authorizing agencies and ministries to protect consumers by banning the importation of corned beef originating from Brazil.

We appeal to the Ministries of Health, Trade, and Agriculture, the Bureau of Standards and the Consumer Affairs Departments to issue a recall from the shelves of supermarkets and shops where the item is sold.

We consider this a very serious threat to health and safety of all consumers. 

We believe that with plans by governments to introduce consumer protection legislation, using the proposed CARICOM Model, this is an opportunity to guarantee consumer protection for all consumers within the OECS and CARICOM.

We are heartened by latest information that the Dominica authorities have issued a ban.

We call for immediate action by all OECS governments!


National Consumer Association, St. Lucia

National Consumer Association, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Grenada Organisation for Consumer Affairs (GOCA)

National Dominica Consumer Association

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