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YES, JERRY --- BUT......

So I've read both Jerry's piece and the response on your website. I hear and understand Jerry's outrage... but I can't help but disagree with him for the following reasons:


I honestly believe that part if the reason for black people's problems today is our insistence and discomfort with wanting to deal with the subject and shame of slavery. I agree with Jerry that it was a crime against humanity and in a macabre way, it is the very reason why we need to retell the story over and over and over again -- and by all means necessary to ensure that it does not happen again.

Many of us have seen "40 Years a Slave" and "Armistad" among others; we never complained about it! But these are, in essence, reenactments.

Unlike the Jews, we have no survivors today to tell our story, so we have to rely on things like reenactments. Jewish survivors tell their story every day. They don't shy away from it. We should not!

We must not apologize for slavery and we must make sure that the perpetrators never forget their infamy.

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