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St. George -- On March 21, the National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA) will join a number of other regional institutions for Exercise Caribe Wave 17 --- its purpose? To advance tsunami preparedness efforts in the Caribbean and Adjacent regions.


Recent tsunamis, such as those in the Indian Ocean (2004), Samoa (2009), Haiti (2010), Chile (2010, 2014, 2015), and Japan (2011), attest to the importance of proper planning for tsunami response.

The exercise will help to improve the effectiveness of the Tsunami Warning System along the coasts of the Caribbean and Adjacent Regions, and provides an opportunity for NaDMA to exercise operational lines of communications, review tsunami response procedures, and promote tsunami preparedness throughout Grenada.

Exercise Caribe Wave 17 will provide simulated tsunami threat messages from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center based on hypothetical earthquakes located off the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, along the southeastern coast of Cuba,  and along the Northern Lesser Antilles including the Northern part of Grenada.  These quakes will range in magnitudes from 7.9 to 8.5.

NaDMA has invited entities along the sea coast of Northern Grenada including St. Patrick's, Carriacou and petit Martinique and has received widespread support from businesses and home owners who will be participating in the exercise. The hope is that these communities will benefit from the opportunity to educate their families, staffs and customers on the effects of Tsunami.

Some entities will participate in full or partial evacuation drills or test communication within their respective institutions. Families are being also given information on tsunamis and encouraged to develop and test a Family Disaster Plan.

As per usual NaDMA will be partnering with all media entities to facilitate the dissemination of the tsunami information. In order to avoid unnecessary panic, Nadma would reassure the public that this is an exercise by including Exercise! Exercise! Exercise! before and after every message sent out on that day.

For further information please call Deputy Disaster Coordinator, Ms. Samantha Dickson at 534 5108.


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