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St. George -- In a simple, yet impressive, ceremony at the GIDC conference room, the umbrella organization, on Wednesday morning, announced plans for its first ever National Services Expo, under the theme "Services – the Life Blood of our Economy."


Addressing the media was Chairman, Jude Bernard - who highlighted the fact that service related activities account for over 80% of Grenada's GDP; and the fact that while Grenada has been recording massive deficits in its trade in goods, it enjoys significant surplus in its trade in services -- estimated at over $150, 000, 000 per year.

He therefore emphasized the urgent need for Grenada to explore all opportunities for increasing its production and export of services since this can have a significant positive impact on employment creation, export earnings, reduction the country's trade deficit, the creation of employment and self-employment opportunities -- thus playing a pivotal role in the future economic development of Grenada.

The 3-day Expo, will run from June 20 to 22 at the Grenada Trade Centre, with participation from all areas of Grenada's services sector including:

·         Construction, Architecture & Engineering Services

•         Recreational, Cultural & Entertainment Services

•         Tourism & Hospitality

•         Educational Services

•         Fashion, Fashion Design and Apparel

•         Health & Wellness

•         ICT & Related Services

•         Marketing, Public Relations and Communications

•         Professional Services

·         Telecommunications

·         Agri-Business


The main Objectives of the Services Expo are:

Ø  To highlight the importance of Services to the Grenada's economy

Ø  To create awareness of the wide range of services currently produced locally

Ø  To create awareness of the potential that services offer for employment, self-employment, import substitution, export generation and economic development

Ø  To heighten interest of the population, especially the young, in becoming involved in services as a business and career

Ø  To highlight to policy-makers and financial institutions the need to give greater support to services-related fields and endeavours

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