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St. George, December 17, 2009 -- About a week ago, a new rumour had hit the streets claiming that a delegation of Cabinet members had paid a visit to Prime Minister Tillman Thomas demanding his resignation.

Allegedly, some Cabinet members had made the call since -- the rumour claimed -- the Prime Minister was retarding the country's development by not issuing a casino license to Zublin, a local developer which is insisting that a gaming license be issued to them if they are to proceed with a US$300 million "Renaissance" project for the town of St. George.

In his weekly LAW AND POLITICS Commentary, newspaper contributor, Lloyd Noel has penned a column captioned, "Sailors, the boat is rocking dangerously!" in which he writes about the story also says that, "I honestly hope that the news item is mere wishful thinking, but I am sounding the warning bells none the less, so that the thought of such political suicide will remain just that.....History will be very loath to forgive the perpetrators of this crazy scheme..."

GrenadaBroadcast and at least one other media outlet have since spoken with the Prime Minister who has categorically denied that he received a visit from any such delegation.  GrenadaBroadcast has also spoken with another Cabinet member who is also not aware of the visit nor the demands.

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