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The WICB will have the same president and vice-president for its next term. The offices are not being contested.


Notwithstanding that Caricom demanded that the board dissolve itself or be dissolved, there is no reason to believe Caricom even attempted to support or encourage any other person or persons to throw their hats into the ring.

Clearly Mr Cameron and Mr Nanton are the bosses of West Indies cricket,which means they are either master politicians or no one else is really interested in the positions.Those who continue to care about West Indies cricket should therefore accept the reality, and try as best they can, to persuade these two titans that while no one can or wishes to question their right to control the sport that they likely do not have all the answers, and that it would be wise to listen to other views.

The evidence is clear and has been clear for decades that the bosses of West Indies cricket have terrible relations with players, especially those players who are considered to e of the highest calibre"the stars" if you will. Think Sobers, Kanhai,Richards, Haines, Lara,Gayle, Sarwan,Chanderpaul,Bravo in the "modern" era.It may well be that is a reflection of the hierarchical structure of the working environment in the region where the line between management and workers is quite sharp.

The evidence is also clear that such a poor relationship has a negative impact on the team's performances,that is magnified the less talent that is available.Selection criteria and the choice of punishment options that constantly cause unavailability are two areas that need to receive special consideration Hpefully the legends and journalists can work informally with the board to find a solution for this pressing problem

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