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A 35 year old teacher Kate Lewis has been announced as the New National Party’s caretaker for St Andrew’s North East, the constituency of the retiring MP and General Secretary Roland Bhola. Lewis was announced among the list of the final five caretakers following an executive meeting of the party Monday. All of the others […]

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) South St. George Constituency Branch will, on Sunday, August 27, stage a public endorsement of journalist/trade unionist Ray Roberts as its Caretaker/Candidate to contest the next General Election. The Endorsement takes place following a Family Fun and Entertainment afternoon at the beloved Camerhogne Park. Roberts, Labor’ Representative in the Senate […]

PANORAMA 2017 AND THE “CAPTURE OF PUBLIC SPACES” Panorama Postponed: On the evening of Saturday, August 12th — Pantastic Friday, the unthinkable happened!  To the disbelief of the scores of the pan players assembled to perform and their faithful fan base, Panorama was postponed – supposedly because the stage had not been constructed in time!!??  […]

Dear Sir: Peter Binose the visionary wrote a lot of things about North Korea and ALBA, all of which were fact at the time or have come to pass. ALBA is a member of the Non-Aligned Movement and St Vincent is a member of ALBA and is sworn to support Venezuela militarily and uphold the […]

THE PUBLIC EXPRESS GRAVE CONCERNS ABOUT THE REGRESSIVE DEVELOPMENT OF THE ONGOING PRINCIPLE 10 NEGOTIATIONS Members of the Public are saddened after several of their text proposals on Articles 6 and 7 that deal with ‘Access to Information’ and the ‘Generation and dissemination of environmental information’ have been lost. The blows came on day 2 […]

HE SAY AND SHE SAY Ladies first! I am expecting to be proud of this candidate and all female candidates for the up-coming General Elections, but I hope that pity will not sting my heart. During her recent interview on SWGG, Ms. Joseph, of the NDC, fell into unsafe waters.  One hopes she will navigate […]

Venezuela rejects the absurd and insolent communique issued by the U.S. Department of State regarding the National Constituent Assembly-NCA. U.S. shows its crass ignorance on Venezuela by qualifying a democratic mechanism, enshrined in the Constitution, as illegitimate. It makes sense that the U.S. fails to understand the NCA because it is ignored by its Constitution […]


 Venezuela’s district attorney has been sacked and ordered to go on trial after dozens of troops stopped her from entering her office. Luisa Ortega, an opponent of controversial left-wing president Nicolás Maduro, said she was put under ‘siege’ before escaping on a motorbike amid chaotic scenes. The move comes on the first day of the […]

 WHO WE GO PUT DEY?  Finding the answer to this question may not be as hard as you think. When elections are at hand, ordinary Grenadians ask themselves the question, “who we go put dey?” By that they mean who we go make Prime Minister. Generally, fitness and acceptance are not informed by book learning, […]

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