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The National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) candidate for the town of St. George, Claudette Joseph has expressed concerns about the increase in violence against women and girls throughout various parts of the island. In recent weeks there have been what she described as “unacceptable instances of sexual offences” against women — and girls in particular. She […]

1) Deliver a New Economy. (2) Create jobs and more jobs for all who are willing and able to work. (3) Provide tablets for every school child. (4) Construct the Kirani James Stadium at Gouyave. (5) Deliver internet access to every household. (6) Provide hundreds of jobs within the first one hundred days of taking […]

It has come to the attention of the leadership of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), that a video is being circulated on Facebook and other online media, which purports to show the host of the NNP Hard Talk Program, Sheldon Scott,  conducting an online interview with an unnamed and unidentified female (“the Sheldon Scott Interview”) […]

There is “fake news” in the church and “no news” that is equivalent to “fake news” and the churches are masters of “no news” where anything that can, presumably, come out of them is swept under the carpet says Bishop of Grenada Clyde Harvey.  READ MORE HERE  


HIS EXCELLENCY MR. OLEG FIRER AMBASSADOR EXTRAORDINARY AND PLENIPOTENTIARY OF GRENADA TO THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION On April 6, 2017 Mr. Firer delivered copies of his credentials to Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Ryabkov and became the first Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Grenada to the Russian Federation. Mr. Firer has over 20 […]

The Silly Season is right on schedule for its five year cycle and soon to the polls Grenada will go.  This Season is characterized by island-wide Reggae rallies, Calypso conventions and political put-downs. However, for the poor male members of the electorate and their vulnerable sisters, it’s the continuation of more State violence, legislative disregard […]

The demographics described as poor and working class comprise the majority of the population and their importance must be appreciated within our cultural, religious, social, economic and political milieu. In fact, their political behaviour is largely explained by the interplay of these factors. There are some basic attributes surrounding these groups of citizens. Firstly, working […]

Please permit me to stick a pin on Mr. William Joseph this morning.  Mr. Joseph is it your conscience that has informed you that Victor Nazim Burke is extremely toxic for Grenada?  That he’s so much more destructive towards Grenada’s future than its present leader Dr. Keith Mitchell? Is that why you think it is […]

Grenada’s Ambassador to Moscow during the Revolution was a professor named Richard Jacob who once described a member of his diplomatic staff as “irredeemably dull”! Jacob of the Old Testament made a ‘coat of many colours’ for his favourite son, Joseph, who was immeasurably brilliant! Last Sunday, the NDC leader seemed irredeemably lost in a […]

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