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BOUGHT TWICE AND THE RIGHT TO MY ‘EGO’ Two Saturdays ago a very respectable lady, a Queen’s honouree, encouraged me to keep on writing the truth. Eighty years of experience led her to say that some will want to ‘kill’ me for expressing my opinions publicly. Nevertheless, I should fear not, she said. I do […]


Is formal education a necessity to become a terrific, successful and talented politician? Do you need to go to school, if your intention is to help the less fortunate, the people forgotten by the Keith Mitchell NNP corrupt government, the unemployed youth, the seniors, the rape victims in our society? Randolph Harrison Fleary sure thinks […]

Prominent spokesperson for Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Program, Health Minister Nickolas Steele, along with a team from the program faced the media on Tuesday to refute claims of irregularities within the CBI. Steele debunked allegations that Grenada has been selling diplomatic passports and also promised that government will be releasing a list of the names […]

Election is once again in the air and I am calling on the Grenadian public to wise up and stop allowing the Keith Mitchell regime to take us for a ride… Again!! It bleeds my heart to see the state at which Keith Mitchell has brought our people.  After twenty three years as Prime Minister […]

Old methods and New Narratives Does this topic disclose an implied contradiction or does it reflect an incomplete state of planning? Yet again, it may well be evidence of transitioning. Uncertainty is one of those conditions surrounding the human mind that can easily lead to wrong assumptions and bad decision-making. However, it can also be […]

SUNDAY AUGUST 27, AT CAMERHOGNE PARK The question is, why am I getting involved in party politics? Brothers and sisters, I have taken time off to ponder the magnitude of the challenge, and the social and economic crisis we are experiencing.  And I have concluded that what we need are fresh, good, and honest people if we desire a better Grenada – a better society […]

The National Democratic Congress is appalled and extremely concerned, that the prime minister of Grenada, Dr the Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell, could so blatantly and shamefacedly announce, under the cover of a national address, the redistribution of the finances of the country for the New National Party’s election campaign. In what was called an address […]

                    FRONT-LINES, ‘DEAD-LINES’ AND ‘GOOD- LINES’ Now we know the combatants; the thirty that matter! By purely internal procedures, the main political parties have selected their candidates and have put them on the frontlines in search for the vote. Although their selection might have had little to […]

A 35 year old teacher Kate Lewis has been announced as the New National Party’s caretaker for St Andrew’s North East, the constituency of the retiring MP and General Secretary Roland Bhola. Lewis was announced among the list of the final five caretakers following an executive meeting of the party Monday. All of the others […]

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