Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has announced that “significant gas and oil” deposits have been found in the territorial waters of Grenada. Prime Minister Mitchell’s announcement at a massive rally in St. Andrew late Sunday ends lingering speculation in Grenada’s hunt to find oil and gas. The discovery was made by Russian outfit Global Petroleum […] has retracted their news release dated Thursday, March 1, 2018 because of incorrect information. The article purported that a bond issue by the Government of Grenada on February 8th 2018, was at EC$100 million with a maturity date for February 9, 2020, at 5.5 percent. The Debt Management Unit of the Ministry of Finance […]

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell says, until it was drawn to his attention, he was unaware of the reasons why the (National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission) NTRC had requested a number of media houses to go off the air for a few hours to facilitate the search for signals which were interfering with air traffic control […]

The Government of Grenada will be auctioning EC$ 15 million 91-Day Treasury Bill on the Regional Government Securities Market (RGSM) to be traded on the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange (ECSE). The auction will take place on Tuesday 6th March 2018 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon. The trading symbol of the Treasury Bill is GDB060618 […]

The Ministry of Finance and Energy says that a news release dated Thursday, March 1, 2018 published on relative to a bond issue increasing Grenada’s debt to GDP ratio is a false representation of the facts. The release says that Government of Grenada’s 2-year Note, auctioned on the Regional Government Securities Market using the […]

Prime Minister Dr. the Right Hon. Keith Mitchell has promised to move speedily with the implementation of the National Health Insurance following the March 13th Election. The National Health Insurance plan is geared towards making health care affordable and accessible. Dr. Mitchell says proper health care is not an issue only for the people of […]

The Government of Grenada, in close coordination with international consultants engaged under the World Bank-sponsored ECERA Project, conducted a comprehensive review of the electricity sector on the island.  The result of two years’ worth of consultations with leading figures in the industry is the new Electricity Supply Act of 2016.  Focusing on Grenada’s potential for […]

Grenada is a step closer to the restoration of state pensions, thanks to a memorandum of understanding which was signed on Monday. Chairman of the Government’s Pension Engagement Committee Beryl Isaac described the handing over of the MOU as a memorable occasion. She explained that there is commitment for the completion of all administrative work […]

Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Dr. Keith Mitchell, has promised “to hold accountable Permanent Secretaries and Finance Officers across the Public Service, who cause undue delays in processing payments to public workers.” That was the overriding theme at a meeting with Permanent Secretaries and Finance Officers, called by the Grenadian Leader and Minister for […]

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