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NETHERLANDS INSURANCE DOUBLES SOBER-UP ZONE TO BRING IN 2017 St. George — The Netherlands sponsored Sober-Up Zone was another big hit on New Year’s Eve.  Operations were set up at two of the holidays’ most popular celebratory events – “Glamour” at the Port Louis Marina and “Inception” at the Grenadian by Rex Resorts.

NETHERLANDS INSURANCE SOBER-UP ZONE AT NEW YEAR’S EVE CELEBRATIONS St. George  — Netherlands Insurance announced yesterday that New Year’s celebrants will have the added facility of access to their Sober-up Zone  at not one, but two of the most popular party events this Old Year’s Eve – Glamour at Port Louis Marina and  Inception at […]

CALL FOR ACTION FROM SOCIAL PARTNERS ON THE RECENT SPATE OF SEXUALLY EXPLICIT VIDEOS CURRENTLY IN CIRCULATION ST. GEORGE — The Committee of Social Partners (CSP), at its 33rd meeting, which was the final meeting for 2016 before the end of the Home Grown Structural Adjustment Programme, raised grave concern and called for an intervention to […]

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December 20, 2016

NaDMA WISHES GRENADIANS A SAFE AND PRODUCTIVE HOLIDAY SEASON St. George — The National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA) is encouraging the general public to be vigilant during the Christmas and New Year holidays. Creating and maintaining an atmosphere of safety is paramount to saving lives and protecting property.

SAMS’ INAUGURAL CHRISTMAS DINNER AND TALENT EVENING FOR ELDERLY IN ST. PATRICK St. George — The week of Dec 12th – 18th proved to be an especially busy and eventful one for the Administrative team of St. Augustine’s Medical Services (SAMS). Care institutions, for the young and elderly, across Grenada were visited. The mission? To […]

“CHRISTMAS IS A SEASON NOT ONLY OF REJOICING BUT OF REFLECTION.” Winston Churchill As we come to the end of 2016 the New National Party takes this opportunity to wish all Grenadians and friends of Grenada a blessed Holiday Season, filled with joy and good cheer, as we all share special moments with our loved ones.

SANDMINING IS STILL ILLEGAL!!! Sand mining has been illegal in Grenada for several years and people have been prosecuted and sentenced by the Courts for this offence.  The present administration has designated some beaches as places where sand can be removed legally — one beach in St David and other small areas where the removal […]

THE GRENADA COMMUNITY LIBRARY HAS A TRUE HOME AT LAST! On Saturday, the Grenada Community Library hosted its 2nd annual Fundraising Gala at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort under the theme “The Storybook.”

2016 REPORT ON RECEIPT AND DISTRIBUTION OF SCHOOL SUPPLIES FROM GRENADA CULTURAL ASSOCIATION (GCA) OF SOUTH FLORIDA The relationship between Grenada Community Development Agency (GRENCODA) and the Grenada Cultural Association (GCA) of South Florida has its genesis through Ms. Elizabeth Allick whose first contact with the agency was made in June 2014. Ms Allick had […]

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