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DISCONTINUATION OF FLOW1 (FORMERLY CC6) OPERATIONS The attached is the text of a letter written by the former Managing Director and Shareholder of Grenada Cablevision Limited, Hugh Dolland to the Country Manager for FLOW1, and copied to the Minister of Communications and Works, Gregory Bowen; the Chairman of the NTRC, Dr. Spencer Thomas, and Mr. […]


DIGICEL CALLS FOR GOVTS TO PROTECT CONSUMERS AND TAX REVENUE Policies needed to extend consumer protection and tax collection to the digital economy Kingston — With many more countries around the world getting on board with efforts to ensure that online giants like Facebook, Google and WhatsApp obey the law and pay their fair share […]

HIGH LIFT LOADER COMMISSIONED AT MBIA St. George — The board of directors of Aviation Services of Grenada has commissioned a new, state-of-the art high lift loader at the Maurice Bishop International Airport. The device is capable of reaching the upper deck of B767 aircraft curently operating into Grenada, and will be a major boost […]

GCNA—GRENADA’S   BLACK GOLDMINE In  keeping  with the  late  George  Brizan’s  book  entitled  ” Nutmeg – Grenada’s  Black Gold”, this  paper now goes  on  to designate  the  GCNA as  Grenada’s  Gold Mine and gives  Eleven  ‘ways  that the  Nutmeg Association  can be Grenada’s goldmine.

REX RESORTS RESPONDS TO PRIME MINISTER MITCHELL’S COMMENTS ON THE GRENADIAN Rex Resorts issued the following statement in response to comments made by Prime Minister Keith Mitchell during an address to the nation on 1 June, 2017:

THE REAL STORY OF REAL ESTATE IN GRENADA! In 2014, my alter ego (“Don Quixote”) wrote a Commentary entitled “The Real Estate Market in Grenada Stinks!” This is still available at, and is highly recommended reading/re-reading, as this Commentary builds on that.

SETTLED TO EVERYONE’S SATISFACTION FRIGATE BAY – The disputes between Roger Ver, a US-born businessman operating a business in St. Kitts, Robert Martin Oveson of NTL Trust Limited and Grenada Citizenship Development Limited, who are the developers of the Levera Project at St. Patrick’s in Grenada have been settled to everyone’s satisfaction.

WRB/GPP’S BILLS PAID FOR BY THE GRENADIAN PEOPLE ST. GEORGE — The Government of Grenada continues to be concerned that GPP/WRB has sought international arbitration, in a premeditated action, instead of engaging with the Government to resolve the matter in a way that helps consumers and benefits the people of Grenada.

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