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United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres

Some possible precipitating factors are already in place. How the West reacts to them will determine the world’s future, says Rachel Nuwer.

Spain’s new ambassador to Grenada is eager to work with this country in tourism and energy as priority areas for cooperation.  His Excellency, Javier Sanchez who recently presented his credentials to Governor General, Dame Cecile LaGrenade said that the MOU signed between the two countries in 2014 needs to be deployed in order to facilitate […]

This year’s commemoration of Human Rights Day marks the beginning of a year-long celebration of seven decades since the adoption of one of the world’s most profound and far-reaching international agreements.  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights establishes the equality and dignity of every human being and stipulates that every government has a core duty […]

On 5 December 2017, the Council approved and published conclusions containing an EU list of non-cooperative jurisdictions in taxation matters. It also agreed on the further process, including on applying ‘defensive’ measures with regard to the listed jurisdictions.  The aim is to promote good governance worldwide, in order to maximise efforts to prevent tax fraud and […]

The U.S. Embassy hosted a series of workshops in Barbados, Grenada, and Antigua focusing on the recruitment process for student athletes aspiring to study and play sports at U.S. colleges and universities. Susan Whipple, Assistant Director, Office of International Education, at Marquette University was the facilitator of the workshops and worked with coaches, guidance counselors, […]

131 Member States of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) demonstrated confidence in Grenada’s leadership by voting to elect the country to UNESCO’s Executive Board on Wednesday, November 8, during the UNESCO general Assembly in Paris. UNESCO is responsible for coordinating international cooperation in education, science, culture and communication and is an […]

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Our world faces many grave challenges. Widening conflicts and inequality. Extreme weather and deadly intolerance. Security threats – including nuclear weapons. We have the tools and wealth to overcome these challenges. All we need is the will. The world’s problems transcend borders. We have to transcend our differences to transform our future. When we achieve […]


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