A video that went viral from Hazel Douglas has highlighted the healthcare crisis that exists in Grenada. “The viral video from Hazel Douglas shows just how much of a healthcare crisis we have in this country. When Grenadians need to see a doctor, all too often there are none available,” said Adrian Thomas, the NDC […]

Diabetes, a major contributor to premature death, is estimated to affect 10-15% of the adult population in the Caribbean Region. The disease is a major cause of blindness, kidney failure, heart attack and stroke and responsible for high rates of complications, such as lower limb amputation. The risk factors for Type 2 Diabetes are obesity […]

STATEMENT November is recognized as Diabetes Awareness Month.  For 2017, the Grenada Diabetes Association (GDA) with its Branches have planned several activities throughout the Tri island state.  The goal is to raise awareness of this disease and provide support to those impacted by it. Activities organized by GDA for the month of November include: church […]

Grenada has been applauded for joining countries around the world that have chosen the route of national health insurance for its citizens, having first begun this conversation in the early 1990’s. Professor Carl Theodore at the Health Economics Unit at the University of the West Indies says that there is no doubt that the health […]


SAYS HEALTHCARE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN “Healthcare will never be the same again in Grenada after this.” So says pioneer nurse, Deann Scott. “Healthcare has just received a major shot in the arm,” she says, with the introduction of eCareRx, a new web-based tele-Health portal for all things healthcare. Nurse Scott, who is […]

The European Union has disbursed 1.368 million euros (EC$4.4M) to Grenada, the first tranche of grant assistance under the 11th European Development Fund towards reform of the country’s health care system. The overall grant amount allocated by the EU under the 11th EDF is 4.8 million euros (EC$15.4M), with 3.4 million euros (EC$11M) earmarked for […]

The Epidemiology Unit of the Ministry of Health has reported that there is an outbreak of conjunctivitis (Red Eye) in Grenada. The unit headed by Dr. Shawn Charles, shared the information with senior members of the Ministry, since the reported number of cases has reached the level that constitutes an outbreak. On July 7th, Grenadian […]

Regional and international HIV experts have been tasked with developing strategies to engage the Caribbean on the “treatment as prevention” approach to HIV care which will put the region on track to end the AIDS epidemic. The challenge came during the opening ceremony of the Caribbean Cytometry & Analytical Society’s (CCAS) expert summit, “From Care […]

St. Augustine’s Medical Services (SAMS), Sundance Promotions and Summer Crew once again renewed their partnership for Spice Mas Carnival 2017 The SAMS medical team, who attended a number of the carnival themed events, were also present to follow the bands along the display route for Pretty Mas on Carnival Monday and Tuesday. Dr Amechi, owner […]

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