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New National Party stalwart, Terry Forrester has resigned from the party to become an independent candidate following a decision by the party to not have him run in the constituency of South St. George in the upcoming election. Instead, the nod for caretaker was given to Nickolas Steele who is the current MP for the Town of St. George.

Forrester’s refusal to accept the party’s decision resulted in him being relieved of his duties as government’s representative on the boards of the National Water and Sewage Authority and the Financial Complex.

Forrester held the view that he should have been appointed as the Caretaker for the Constituency and in a television newscast on Monday night, referred to the ungratefulness of the political leader of the New National Party, Dr. Keith Mitchell. He also made it clear that dictatorship can no longer be accepted.

The former public relations officer for the New National Party who has been involved with them since 1984 has informed the public that at a press conference which he intends to call on Monday, he will unmask the prime minister. LISTEN HERE (MTV)

It is also alleged that Forrester was denied a diplomatic passport which he had sought in order to take his ailing wife to Miami for medical attention. At Tuesday’s post cabinet briefing, Prime Minister Mitchell addressed this allegation: LISTEN HERE (GIS)

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