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A Conference of the Caribbean Heads of Government is a tremendous symbol and shows the progress of regional integration.  However, such events must not ignore significant burning issues such as the suffering to which Grenadian and OECS workers whose pension and other investments with CLICO remain unresolved after several years have been subjected.

It was deeply regrettable that not a single word was said by any of the CARICOM leaders who addressed the official opening ceremony about their continued initiatives to achieve compensation/settlement and closure to the CLICO disservice to workers and others in the sub-region.

The speeches of the outgoing CARICOM Chairman President Granger of Guyana and incoming Chairman Dr. Keith Mitchell of Grenada ought to have said something to the region. People are suffering – CLICO collected their money for years, and in their time of need, our leaders seemingly abandoned them!

Here in Grenada, the entire Seamen Workers’ Union Pension Fund was invested with CLICO; and today, men are retiring to poverty after paying for decades.

For those affected, does CARICOM give any meaning to a suffering, retired or retiring worker and his family who have trusted in  what was one of the most prized  of Caribbean Institutions — CLICO which has failed them?

Prime Minister Mitchell spoke about the youth — but, the same youth are the children of the suffering workers whose expectations of CLICO are yet to materialize!

Nevertheless we hope that the Conference of Heads will say something on the CLICO issue before the meeting ends.

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  1. michael alexander   On   July 8, 2017 at 9:13 pm

    well said bro ray to me the summit was a disaster at the end with our pm making comment that was not well diplomatic but again that is his style of operation
    keep up the good work bro,

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